Motion analysis
for performance

Our mission is the analysis and optimisation of motion sequences. With our unique test and experience world, we make movement measurable and record the individual movement patterns behind it. We support people to achieve and regain their optimum movement, also to prevent injuries and therefore make a significant contribution to improving performance.

Our customers and patients are amateur or competitive athletes, private individuals or companies and have a common goal - the safe and effective exercise of certain movements in sporting or professional activity with the aim of optimising performance capabilities!

The MOTUM test and experience world offers state-of-the-art biomechanical motion analyses in a scientific and evidence-based setting.
With our Return to Activity and Return to Sport test batteries as well as the entire performance spectrum of Performance Diagnostic, we have a whole armada of test applications to provide clarity for our customers and patients:

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Transparency is provided on ideal times for building to a return to everyday life, competitive sport or for career purposes as well as finding ideal human movement sequences by means of tests, such as 3D gait, 3D running and 3D golf swing analysis. With biomechanical performance diagnostics, the focus of testing is on bounce and agility analyses as well as 3D force diagnostics

With the gaming-based e-MOTUM, we are setting completely new standards, not only in the context of training therapy, but also in the field of three-dimensional marker-based performance diagnostics, for example with golf or football simulators.

In our MOTUM research & development department, we are a service provider for our customers and partners from business and sport, for example with our product evaluation service or in the context of safe work and occupational health promotion.

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We crack your
movement DNA.

the biomechanical competence centre for diagnostics and movement optimisation

If you want to change your movement patterns or have to change them due to injury, you first need clarity. Expert diagnostics using state-of-the-art methods form the basis for this. Transparent motion sequences are indispensable for sustainably and individually optimising them. The movement processes of our customers are as individual as they are, after all. With our biomechanical expertise, we offer the know-how for a visualisation and understanding of movement and therefore the basis for changing any movement sequence with regard to sustainable performance optimisation.

MOTUM is all about motion optimisation with an incomparable test experience.

safely back to being active
by testing and towards
performance enhancement

We offer high-tech motion analysis in an innovative test experience for everyone! Top-class sport has always driven progress and innovation. With MOTUM, we make a state-of-the-art technology from top-class sport available to the public. On the basis of state-of-the-art techniques and equipment using the latest scientific methods and findings, we focus on motion sequences and their optimisation. Our team of internationally renowned physicians, sports scientists and diagnosticians combine, in one unique test and experience world, the symbiosis of high technology and interdisciplinary competence – all in one place, right in the heart of the Tyrolean Alps.