The golf swing
analysis to identify improvement
potentials and optimisation of your game

Golf is one of the most popular, but also the most complex sports of our time

In this technique-dominated sport, it is essential to gain detailed information about the golf swing and the specific phases of movement to improve. In order for a drive to be as wide and precise as possible, the swing as easy, economical and completed with as little effort as possible, while also being safe in terms of injury prevention, a movement analysis is required. With the information derived from this, the coach can work in a targeted way on the golf course and therefore optimise the performance of their students. It may also be useful to take the golf coach with you for biomechanical analysis. In any case, we see ourselves as a partner of all pros with the common goal of optimising golf movements and therefore bringing more fun and success into the game of golf.

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Effective. Efficient. Confident. The ideal golf swing
Visualising and analysing complex and fast movements such as a golf swing is our core area of expertise. An optimal tee shot results from a perfect interaction of the whole body, from the foot to the head, in an ideal kinematic sequence. With strength plates embedded in the ground, the interaction of the golfer with the ground is also taken into account and this information is brought into a holistic picture together with joint movement. In addition, physical, golf-specific mobility is also assessed on the basis of a certified screening (TPI Screening).

This biomechanical 3D analysis offers the chance to divide a golf swing movement into detailed individual phases and to analyse it at your own pace in order to then use it in reference to the respective physical conditions (TPI Screening). In this way, further potential for improving the golf swing can be identified, while valuable tips from your or our PGA-certified trainer can also be planned and implemented.

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3D Golf Swing Analysis Modules

For different questions, problems and target groups, we offer different modules of golf swing analysis, which in turn provide conclusions for movement optimisation.

Module Golf - Golf Shot Technique Analysis

In this module, golf technique is closely examined, and a report is created for the trainer. With this information, further training can be tailored even more individually and specifically to the respective golfer. The analysis of the golf shot (with a 5 or 7 iron and a driver) provides clear information about vital success parameters: club and ball speed, joint and segment movements of the body (head, thorax, arms, pelvis, legs), power transmission to the ground as well as golf-specific strength and agility (TPI screening), which all have a great influence on performance, but also on the physical health of golfers.

This analysis provides conclusions about movement deficits as well as optimisation potential with regard to effectiveness, efficiency and prevention, while the training success is documented.

  • TPI Screening
  • Marker-based 3D motion analysis
  • 3D Force Plates
  • Video Documentation

Golfers of all abilities – from beginners to professionals

Module Golf Expert Meeting Golf Analysis

Following the Golf Shot Technique Analysis module, the results are discussed with a PGA-certified trainer or biomechanics expert. This may also be done online in certain circumstances. In addition, exercise recommendations for the respective individual’s potential strength, coordination or technique are given with the long-term goal of improving the golf swing through specific golf and technique training with your golf coach. We are also happy to recommend expert contact persons for individual golf training.

In this module, we show movement issues and potential for improving effectiveness, efficiency and prevention. The training success is documented.

  • Review

Module Golf Golf Shot Technique Analysis
Golfers of all performance classes – from beginners to professionals.

Module Golf Train the Trainer

In our training series, Train the Trainer, we provide a unique training offer for golf coaches. It is a must-have for every trainer who wants to impart state-of-the-art knowledge and methods from biomechanics to their students and further advance their level of training.

Information about biomechanical basics, hard-hitting lectures, interesting facts from orthopaedics & physiotherapy as well as comprehensive reviews form the core of this seminar series.

  • Discussions, lecture, internships

PGA Certificate, golf coach

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