High-tech virtual
mixed reality training

At the intersection of sports science, gaming and sports, we offer innovative and unique training concepts based on high-tech solutions with our virtual mixed reality training. As a result, we receive even better data material and can therefore draw even more targeted analyses and conclusions, which together bring us further towards ideal motion sequences.

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While the golf simulator redefines virtual golf with the trackman, we offer the world's leading football simulation with Rezzil. With the innovative success concept of MOTUM XR, we are setting new standards in the context of training therapy as well as in the field of three-dimensional marker-based performance diagnostics.

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e-MOTUM golf simulator with TrackMan

In our MOTUM experience world, you play golf on the simulator and at the same time receive valuable inputs with all relevant data for your game. The underlying state-of-the-art TrackMan technology, combined with the MOTUM motion analysis know-how, is sure to improve your golf game. TrackMan 4 is a sophisticated tracking device of the top players and offers an incredible precision. We receive performance-specific data on the moment of impact, tee-off, ball flight distance, trajectory, speed, dispersion or the exact landing position, from a short putt to 300-metre drives and much more
(Source: TrackMan Golf - The Complete Performance Solution)

Already have a TrackMan account?

With your TrackMan account, you can use times individually or in a team, with free indoor golf training in the MOTUM world of experience. You can play on a virtual golf course or practice your shot on the virtual driving range.

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Equipment: your own golf club set, golf or training shoes (without studs)

e-MOTUM virtual reality football simulator by Rezzil

Virtual reality training has long been a part of elite sport. Why not use it for mass sport? There are so many advantages, ranging from practicing specific tactical manoeuvres, learning correct behaviour in specific high-pressure situations and injury prevention. Every footballer and every team can train certain movement sequences in virtual reality (VR) without even having to stand on the training ground or on the pitch. Virtual reality offers audio-visual feedback that can simulate real game situations and thereby increases the impact of training. 

Virtual football big match

Equipped with VR headsets, football-specific movements become part of a virtual big match that is incredibly fun and provides numerous insights and trains cognitive abilities in the game via the Rezzil Index. The Rezzil Index uses virtual exercise scenarios created by the best players in the world in addition to on-pitch training. Rezzil trains cognition, decision-making and general resilience under game pressure. For those who catch the VR fever, the VR glasses can be taken away to use in training at home. This is particularly valuable for clubs that can use virtual reality to enrich everyday training.

Source: REZZIL | Rezzil - Cognitive Development and Analysis

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